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We were the best of friends.Just barely the age of six.We knew each other ever since we learned how to add with our fingers.We became friends because I thought fate willed us to see eachother again.
Together we face the darkness, together we search for the light. I lead the way when you're lost. You give me hope in the night.
I've turned into the monster I told myself I'd never beThere's been a heaviness in my heart that I thought was temporaryBut now it's become a matter of consistency And every single time it's with more intensity
He broke a smile that only the glittering heavens could compare to, with golden green eyes that sent a shudder down her back. Not of fear, but of wonder; questions of which golden gates he'd broke through with thunder,
Friends or not, you can never question my loyalty. I always stayed true to you even when the demons were calling me. Yes, I messed up once or twice but I spent three years by your side; never lied or had
You came up to me and introduced yourself We exchanged hellos and foes We became friends
Friendships don't always last, then again some just might; People grow apart sometimes through fight or through flight. You had a spark of something excellent that came from inside;
You, my priority Me, your toy  I loved you Even as you made me blue I wanted to see you  Even if you did not want to see me  Hopelessly in love  Though you felt no love 
Many call themselves my friend. They wear that name like a trend. Friendships are like a hot cup of tea, while you hold, With time, it gets cold.   I would've never guessed you noticed me. 
I'm Not Who I Was I'm not who I was and it's the strangest thing. I don't think the old me would recognize Me anymore, but that's ok.  Because I'm starting to realize, love, and adore  Myself.
Here I'm staring at the ocean Before I know it I lose track of time And there's no one beside me But I don't feel alone The leaves are chaning where you are Changing faster than you can see
Sometimes I wonder why you left my precious life. See, I probably misunderstood ya love for this strife. I never meant for all this to crash
At first friendship was tested with a mutual friend named Jax As he was getting close to be welcomed, out of nowhere was an ax First, nothing was said when we heard the news
Im not really known  but your gonna know a bit about my life, some struggles and some pains, the things I had to fight . Im not here to complain, im only here to explain,
And I am torn in the center of this looming fight the battleground itself between the dark and light. And I am torn, between a darkness something I know, know well
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