Dear Dad,

Sometimes I wonder why you left my precious life.

See, I probably misunderstood ya love for this strife.

I never meant for all this to crash

But I guess you had enough, so you left me like trash.


Sometimes I wonder what you’re doing out there

If you’re thinking bout me, trapped in total despair

All the lies and all the tears

My whole life I spent in fear.

Thinkin you’ll be at the door on my birthday each year


I didn’t meet you till I was  6, causa mom didn’t wanna fuss

But she handed me to you cause she thought that in you she could trust

Dissapointment, all around. See, you were my father so if anything, you were down.

Now, mom was goin through a lot, and she had to do it alone.

I was her only support and shoulder, her only hard backbone.


Sometimes I wanna just call you on the phone

But seems like when I do, all I hear is the tone

You were my everything growing up as a kid.

But as I got older, those emotions went and hid.

I cried for you when you didn’t show up.

That’s what I get for tryna show some love.

You left mom to raise me in the hood

I wish I was old enough to defend her, I wish that I could.


Without you, she had to drop me off at daycare.

Days I spent without her love, it was hell I swear.

But I could never hate my momma for that.

Cause in the end this woman had my back.


She risked her life putting food on the table.

And it was me to check up on her and make sure she was stable.

Momma, shout out to you for showing up everyday.

Just gives me another reason to grow up and just slay.


You only showed up for me when it was convenient, and just cause you were my father

I was a little more lenient.

For a father that fills my head with lies, I don’t want anyhing to do with you

cause all I see is pain with my eyes.

I have little respect for you and I thought I should let you know

that I’m doing great here with momma and on my own.

I don’t need a father figure because everything I have is here,

I got the knowledge,

the friends,

my siblings,

my momma

and that for sure ain’t gonna dissappear.


Props to you popps for teaching me a lesson

Cause momma gave birth to a strong and mighty blessin

We made it here on our own two feet

I picked us from the hard concrete

Cause in the end, I gotta future to chase

With or without you? My life is still a grace

Just know, I still have faith.


This poem is about: 
My family


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