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The image that stays with me comes from the story  of a black boy playing wide-eyed with his toy dinosaurs.  And maybe this is the picture that stays with everybody,
   Breaking the lull as you dwell in the city of Srinagar,Sedate Waters of the Dal lake bouncing to the moon Cooped up populace peeping through the crevices,Predators patrolling the streets hunting the lamb.  
It isn’t that I didn’t see it coming or wasn’t warned It’s that I never imagine it happening so fast As though I hopped into a time machine and now I’m here  
How do you know if a elephant is sad? First ask it a question to see if its mad. Mrs.elephant how was your day? Not very exciting just blew away.
Pencil number one is stained with blood Because innocent kids were taken by drugs.  Penicl number two has been sharped to the tip  Because kids without homes stir my stomach sick.
To the Boy on the Other Side of the Water, 
Traveled through time, Not to pick the dime, But to only tell a story, Will it make thy glory ?  If only one listens,  It's not imaginary,  For everything I say, 
Dear Mom,   Most the time dad was not home So you were the one who raised me I almost put you through so much pain I could never tell you to your face
In my vision I see Children on swing sets Laughing with joy Chasing each other on turf   In my vision I see A little boy who falters
A year ago, on this day I clutch my belly and pray and pray I know this is a monumental change Is it something that I can take? Will I have enough courage, and strength? Will I still be the same?
Sleep my child, softly dream. Days have worn upon you, hours are long and seasons slow. A world of troubles is all you know. Sleep my child, peaceful now, days are long, and seasons slow.
walking through hallways of deceased childhoods and wet pillowcases where little boys and girls couldn’t find protection in their own homes their lips cold
Dear children, My time is done Yours on the other hand Has just begun.   You will experience joy You will experience pain You will experience sunshine You will experience rain.  
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