Pencil Number Nine.

Pencil number one is stained with blood

Because innocent kids were taken by drugs. 

Penicl number two has been sharped to the tip 

Because kids without homes stir my stomach sick.

Penicl number three makes my thumb go numb

For children who cant afford educations are labeled dumb.

Penicl number four keeps breaking 

Like my heart when I see a child shaking,

begging for a dollar without any taking.

The yellow on pencil number five is faded

Like my hope when dreaming that the homeless will ever make it,

In a world so shameless.

Pencil number six, should I even pick it up?

Will my words make people stand up?

Pencil number seven

God, if these kids have nothing left, make sure they go to heaven. 

Pencil number eight has written a poem, too many words long

Yet the message is too far gone,

and the safety for humanity is not something to bet on.

Penicl number nine, I'll leave it down for now 

My poetry, my poetry has ruined me somehow. 

But pencil number nine will save the world. 

Save the boys, and save the girls. 

Pencil number nine, will save the world. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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wow this is amazing 


Thank you!

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