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I want to be crazy but I find that I am not There is order in my bones and fire in my eyes and enough sense in my spirit to burn a million bridges I lift up mine eyes to the hills and search them for signs of life
There's a foreboding bought of restlessness rustling in my belly I can feel it taking hold of all my fingers and pulsing in my breast Imagine there's no heaven   It's easy if you try
I am a girl, I think Sucking on the fingers of the sun and Crossing my eyes to protect my soul from demons   I am the child of lux conception, I think The flash of HD illumination lighting my way into
I sometimes close my eyes and set my mind on rewind And suddenly you're there again, setting things on there ridged edges I sit neatly in your lap and try not to shift around too much,
I remember the days of having a prime directive The forward motion of my life insured beyond doubt I had a line to tow me in if the tide of the world grew too strong
I look up at the sky at night and some times there are stars Did you know they actually twinkle? Like bright eyes winking down sharing in our lives I look up at the sky at night and some times there are stars
I wonder if we were all born with the same capacity to be happy If we wake up one morning and decide that happiness is for chumps and I, my friend, am no chump If the sun rises for the just as well as those less fortunate
Dear You,   You know, for some reason I assumed a correspondence might appear here. I don't know why. I like to think a lot of things will happen but I'm always surprised when the do.
Have you ever experienced something that was the best something ever to happen? Ever stepped into the street and found that your way was paved with gold and there were diamonds click-clacking on the soles of your shoes?
Where is my mouth? I imagine it flying around on it's own and taking things it should let alone and liking it. Honestly I have always been an introvert My spirit floats when yours might soar but still rises just as high
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