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He can curse up a stormmake a sailor blushFoul blue languagespewed out in a gushCould strip paint cleanoff a battleshipExponentially worse ifyou give him any lipRambling in sincerity's guise
Here’s to the mavericks! What a bunch of assholes.   To imagine a better world, They have the gall to challenge the status quo, By spinning thin air into gold!  
reality isn't therapeutic reality is a lot of words i don't feel comfortable saying because i am both a big sister and religious
A shiny, new, bustling city.Full of people.Each with ideas.Each with thoughts.Each with emotions.  But then It starts. 
People will say that women today have no freedom But this goes far back For the times have not changed We've only taken steps back. Women no matter their race are always paid less But it seems we're only nice
Problems of mankind are caused by the tongues of men.  You see our tongues could either be a blessing or a help to cause sin  
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