Female Freedom

People will say that women today have no freedom
But this goes far back
For the times have not changed
We've only taken steps back.
Women no matter their race are always paid less
But it seems we're only nice
When we're not wearing our dress.
Because men will shout the most lewd names
Like they're out on a field
But without our consent,
Our clothes they peeled.
We can't show our bodies without taking the blame
Because "boys will be boys".
Ain't that a damn shame.
It's about time these "boys"
Are taught how to be "men"
Stop shaming the girls
And teach "boys" what's in trend.
These poor girls that are yelled at,
These sluts, whores and hoes
Tell them to flaunt what they want
And that what a man says, doesn't go.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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