appearance vs reality

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Spawned and cognizant of  Riches and chronicle,  Peering turned glances to knives From a painted monocle,    While the heart of a rose Stays inure, Whisps of soul tend To be lured.
Two realms appear as suggestions of your path You pick one and can't go back One side dreams and the other side schemes One side is a fantasy and one side is a healing remedy
That one breath was brief, and silence never had broken.   The soul is smaller than the strange, dark eyes of the dead.   Is it real? Real...   Oh, 
Wait Slow it down Stop Let my mind catch up Ache Something missing Burn My lungs squeeze helplessly
For the land of the free? How can that be, When education and dreams are for the wealthy?   To gain a college education, You must pay. The price is not one that most can afford.  
You are dead but you are acting alive Eating brains but not gaining knowledge So how are you expected to survive?   Do you really think the truth is sublime? How are you expected to go to college?
Imagination As endless as an universe but as dark as a black hole It’s there in my dreams but gone when I’m awake There is a jubilant side but also a melancholy side
mine is the house with the jungle yard,where snakes may catch you off your guard,but the snakes eat the rodents and the birds eat the bugs,and i peak at the school bus through a wet shrub,
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