American Reality

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 14:58 -- kalli

For the land of the free?

How can that be,

When education and dreams are for the wealthy?


To gain a college education,

You must pay.

The price is not one

that most can afford.


It’s your next meal or your next semester.

It’s seeing a doctor or paying for books

It’s your rent or your tuition.


For the average person in America,

Not above middle class or below,

It’s a fight.


Now, I know that may sound conceded

With the gang violence and poverty below

But at least their struggles are known.


We don’t receive well fair checks or assistance.

We make enough to pay our rent and buy groceries,

But the unexpected bill cripples us.

Because we live paycheck to paycheck

On our own merit.



A word thrown around by many,

But doesn’t often portray it’s actual meaning.


For a straight, white, Christian male in America,

his opinion does not matter.


Despite what he says,

He can be labeled a racist, a bigot, or a sexist.


When applying for a job

An equal opportunity employment

his experience and application is null


Corporate policies and laws,

protect minorities

while they protest for their rights

and equality.


But when a straight, white, Christian, male in America speaks,

He is silenced.


They say that he is the reason

they must fight to be heard,

Yet are too blinded by fear and hate to see the truth.


Today in America,

A straight, white, Christian male

is the minority.

He must work twice as hard

To get where he wants to be.

How is this equality?


Home of the brave or home of convenience?

It’s easier for our citizens to accept the flow

rather than face reality head on.


The truth is an elusive idea

That our citizens have forgotten.

Somewhere along the way,

We stopped teaching the distinction

between fact and fiction.


So, they choose what’s easy

and fallow whoever speaks the loudest.


To them,

morality is weighed upon popular opinion,

Not right or wrong.



We have lost our tenacity.

We were once freedom fighters,

Immigrants, and proud.

we can be better than this.

If not through you,

then through me.


Like, many others

I come from a line of brave men and women

That fought to keep this country free.


I am a daughter of this country

And proud to be an American,

Because your choices do not define me.


Are you proud to be an American?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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