All I Need is Music

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Have you ever felt alone As if your heart was made of stone When your left on your own Because your in the zone Where you moan and groan Because you were thrown As if your no gemstone
The rhythm of music rolls against my ears, Taking away all my fears. I listen quietly, ignoring my pain,
Screaming. Arguments. Anger. Depression. Crying. Regret. I’m suffocating. The voices, inside and out, strangle me. Everybody complains I don’t listen to them, they’re trying to help.
She takes a small breath.  The room is silent. All is quiet, Silent as death. Hearts beats, As it endlessly repeats. Slowly she bows Before the watching crowd. "Now she plays,"
Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, breathe. Drive to school, go to class, do my work, breathe. Only one more hour, Only half of an hour, Only ten minutes, breathe.
When I feel down, And all I can do is frown, When my life is all pain within I pick up my violin   I play with my whole I play without control The sweet sound that comes out
Times get tough...   Sometimes times get rough... But that don't stop the loud speakers of something universal   Something, that get's the blood pumping and bodies shaking Something sweet...
Music is for the soul, music makes me whole, Music is the gold that gives everyone a chance to be bold. Listening to music makes you wonder, wonder if the world is so cold, or if it is worth putting your happiness on hold.
Music is the common language of our vast world. The guitar is my greatest gift, I create common language with it. Music is a gift passed down through generations. The guitar and I are one.
The most prized item that is in my possession is one that has taught me many things It taught me patience, passion, and art It taught me to work hard It taught me to organize It taught me persistence
That familiar tune of twist and shout, A familiar beat that I cant live without. When the time comes and I've lost everything The one thing I need more than anything Is that familiar beat  of the drum
It's in me Kicks, snares, and hi-hats my left hand knows guitar strings I breathe warm brass Mingling with a "Love Supreme" Nina has put a smell on me seemingly misunderstood by nature 
No one will ever understand, what music is to me. Music is the air I breathe. Songs are the food I eat. Lyrics are the dreams I dream.
I think I’d die if music wasn’t there, A life without music just wouldn’t be fair. Not fair to me, not fair to you. A life without music is like saying the sky isn’t blue.   To some it’s notes on a page,
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