There's No Point Without It: Music

I think I’d die if music wasn’t there,

A life without music just wouldn’t be fair.

Not fair to me, not fair to you.

A life without music is like saying the sky isn’t blue.


To some it’s notes on a page,

To most it reminds them of a special age;

Whether the melodies flash them back to 7 or 35,

Music takes you back to the moments you’re alive.


And I like being present in my own life,

I have too many moments of struggle and strife.

But when music is playing or I’m singing along,

Those are the moments nothing can go wrong.


It’s more than therapy or art,

It’s a passage way to my heart.

It comforts me when I’m weak,

Makes me feel mighty when I’m meek,

Puts me in a better mood,

It’s my soul’s version of food.


It’s more than important to me,

It’s the reason I wake up and breathe.


-Brynn McGlamery (BAM)



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