Pledge of Allegiance

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  For I stand alone...   I pledge Allegiance to the flag  This country was so beautiful and proud
With saddest regards I sell allegiance to the flag Because for the first time in my life I worry about my peers tint Of the Disunited States of America Where acceptance for LGBT was gained but ripped away
The class stands as one; A uniform system perfected from years of repetiton As the students recite their patriotic manifesto The individuality that allows students to endure the day
'i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america' but that flag doesn't seem to stand for what it's meant to anymore and what does the word 'allegiance' even mean i don't even know how to spell 'allegiance'
Pledge your life to endless pride We only want total control Pray for our nation under our God As we commit genocide - Submit to the conditional freedom Or become our hated scapegoat
For Liberty and Justice, it stands, one nation Indivisible    
Nothing is worse than a history teacher who forgets the necessity of rebellion. I sat in a forest of bodies, all miming the motions of justice.  
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America     This phrase bothers me
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