I pledge allegiance

to the Flag

of the United States of America



This phrase bothers me

it implies total devotion to one country

a capital offense in my mind.

I was blessed

(and cursed)

with a lust

for anything foreign and exotic.

I am an eclectic child,

something I share with my country.

But while the


borrows foreign customs and cultures,

my soul simply begs

to experience them

and collect knowledge.

I want to understand the world

and all it has to offer,

not blindly commit my loyalty

to a single country.


And to the Republic

for which it stands

one nation

under God


Another generalization

put forth by this mantra,


into every single student's brain

before they can even read.

We cannot possibly be

One Nation

Under God

because we are a nation

under many god(s)

and beliefs.

By the country's own standards,


is one of the most important ideals put forth.

Yet we still find it lacking

the acceptance of less common beliefs.



with Liberty

and Justice for all.


If there is justice for all,

then why are entire groups of people

still struggling to fight for their

justice and equal rights?

The hypocrisy of an entire nation

is glaringly obvious

when everyday their children repeat words

that cannot possibly be true

and felt with passion.

Let freedom truly ring.

Pledge your allegiance

to acquiring a knowledge of the world and its people.

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My country


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