For I stand alone...


For I stand alone...


I pledge Allegiance to the flag

 This country was so beautiful and proud

It seems like my generation would like to throw in the shroud


Of the United States of America,

 This wonderful country full of freedom

A country once built of peasants and slaves now freed them


And to the republic,

To the government workers that work tirelessly

No one wants to do the job but complains endlessly


For which it stands

Who does that flag stand for…..

For you. For me. And for all we can ever be.


For WE ARE..... One Nation Under God

Taking God out of the equation to feed our safe spaces.

For some, saying those words are too odd in certain places.



Unable to be separated as a unit of this country

Complain about how trapped you are but don't realize how free just to be.


With Liberty…..

Yes your freedom to trash what I believe but mine to call you out when your ignorant opinion gets in the way of Fact.



HELLO AMERICA!!!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH...If you do the crime

You pay the time



For the men and women who fight for your complaining butt

And for Kim Kardashian to just strut

For classmates who know who I am

For teachers that did poetry slams

For Colin Kaepernick to kneel down

It's sad when your child's role model makes you frown

For the African-American

For the Asian-American

For the Latin - American

For the Native- American

For the American


For I stand alone...

Too nervous to stand up for what you believe

However, we are taught in this room,  it is when you believe that you will achieve


In Room 103...

Flags in each classroom, yet no students standing.

Teachers laugh that the flag is just branding


U.S History

Me, the only one standing

Thanking my country for what it's freely giving me

For if I lived in any other it would be a crime for me just to be.



This poem is about: 
My country


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