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They whisper from hell the name of mine They yell, shout, scream for help with there voices in agony They cry, cry, cry until there are no tears left and eyes are as dry as deserts  
This mischievous,Little fiend, creeps, under theseBranches, whilst robbingAn executed body,Of its diabolic soul
As intense, pleasuredScreams, pulsate through darkness, ofThese hellish cavernsShe conspires with this demon,In a most unholy way
Tortured, by DemonsOn their descent, these men bornOf wicked way, surgeThrough scorching pits, whilst begging,For any form, of mercy
  Bittersweet© by Dee  
"Bloody... Hell..." I whisper and whimper. My white bath tub- Slaughtered by my blood. Tears freeze at the corner of my eyes, And three jagged lines, Slowly pouring my life away.
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