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by Dee


It's  over  here,  It's not the same.  We must go back in time.  The memories remain.   To move forward is back again, this seems familiar to me, the sound, it forever rings.  The song , is a voice that ever sings.  Is there inner strength? To seek for the only choice, is to ask for my last chance. 


Purity, the days are no more. We have done our deed. The seed is only left from our plant that was once grown in such sunshine and warmth; by a ray that brightened my day, has drifted away.  On a tree once sweet, was bitten and is rotten to the core..  

It's till death, forever more. 


Divine in time;  a fine wine once grown, on a vine.  Colored by roots, that mend for more. Flavored from seed, truth be known. Once seen love; has cast it's shadow, then left to bleed.  Since behold. strike and look up, through the window. The face, a mask of broken bones, shed dark from light. Hence, no one in sight just sounds that shrill one; from the dead to life.   


Consummation,  it’s just as well.  The fill of my dream, was to fill my head. Lured to a lovely place, a place where I’ve never been.  A place, of forbid, where the fruit is mortal ; the juice within. You must not drink; from the cup of ten. Your blood will burn..  fade to pink. For it was life here, and it is now extinct. 


Absolutely life as we knew; is now a shade of gloom.  Cast aside; after a blade that ripped your heart and  tore it apart. Now, you know; it’s time to reap what we've sown. Edge of red, dripped with fear.   Fire is below. The pain is beyond all control; doomed.


It's over now, To Begin again, right back to the start. It’s familiar to me. This sound that I hear; this song, is a voice; that was once singing, so loud and clear...

 It's over, here.



It's hell here!  I am chilled and cold. Where everything was once seen, is now black and white. What we once knew is now forgotten; a choice that was chosen. And now time has frozen, in the dead of night, only one to blame.


To anorthite your arms,  will fight with your might.   There is no water and no more food. No where to hide; nowhere to run. Now you have; not even a gun.  

It's over here,  the end is near.  


The chaos, is what is left. The rest has drift to sea. This stack surrounds me; absorbed and has dried to  mass. There is nothing but a open door;  only now we cannot go in, stop and stand tall, looking across the room. Mirror, mirror on the wall, I see a reflection of them all.  Afraid to go, was to already leave,  to hold one; is to let go of the other.  Helpless and scared; was to close my eyes and then fall to my knees.  I beg of you please!

 To just hold my own head, and to forget the rest:  It is only best

 I  was WEAK !  

   That piece that began this doom, that was so was tasteful and rotten. The piece is already forgotten. It was the  taste of bittersweet. 


It’s hell here!   


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