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"Showing you have nothing is a Beautiful Discretion than to showing you have Something And only then will you have Plenty." -  Delasia Vanterpool  
erusaert I lliw syawlA ,syawlA dniK dna ,lufpleH ,ylevoL sgniht llA dniW eht ,seerT ,skcoR ,slaminA revoL ,tnedutS ,dneirF ,rehcaeT rehtorB ,sretsiS ,rehtaF ,rehtoM dnatsrednu llits dna ,ees nac ew yaw eht ,lla fo tsoM The mysterious of All, God,
I’m thankful for love, and thankful for heartbreaks. I’m thankful that God keeps all the promises that He makes. I’m thankful for my shelter, and for my daily nourishments.
Walking down the path I think, What does this life truly mean?  When I am sad Or can not sleep He is always there How can that be?
Maybe it was the way she took care of me with love, as if I would break Maybe it was the way she would tend my clothes with such willingness, allthough being sick
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