'love' 'heartbreak'

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  I am suffocating. Did you know? I think of you, and I cry; not because my love for you. Because my heart hurts knowing the way you love me isn't the way I've loved you, and what's worse
My thoughts race of you like the speed of light, to uncover  what is true, your height? enough so that I'm able to look up to you.
My thoughts race of you like the speed of light, to uncover  what is true, your height? enough so that I'm able to look up to you.
To the one who holds my heart, It's so hard anymore It's hard to sleep, because I only dream of you. It's hard to breathe because you stole my last breath. It's hard to wake up
Pain. Pain like she’s never felt before. That’s what she feels everytime she sees him.
You stained my existance, smeared my heart, and left a masterpiece of a mess behind.
We sit on the stools in a quiet, cleared out bar.
Little Maggot how dare you be cruel to me I'm dead  For you I lie Here.   Waiting and depending on you to break me down I had my walls but you had to knock them down How can I refuse?
It was dark. Cobwebbed covered staircases spiraled throughout.The stairs craked relentlessly.I followed them, going around and around in circles. There was nothing.
“let it go”; let it go doesn’t exist for me, not when i walk the same halls as you, breathe the same air, share the same friends  
Do you remember the day That I took your first kiss away And how that day turned out amazingly More than anything we thought it would be   Remember those benches And what I wrote
I followed my heart I loved life once again I gifted you all from the start And ended up in Sin   I gave you my heart to hold And watched as it ran red Your heart was not but cold
Roses are redViolets are blueI want to burn your flowersI want to bury youForget the words of lovestop floating in the airStrip down nakedLay down and stay thereI’ll cry you a river lover
 I imagined what it would be like to tell you all this over the phone and although I know your number by heart and you told me you'd always answer my calls i just couldn't bring myself to do it.
              It was late. The sun had just begun to hang her head; her shame turned the sky into her canvas and saturated the clouds with brilliant color.             The sky is all that I have.
I miss the first times when you were mine and I was yours, When you treated me like a queen and shielded me from harm, But was all that just a game? A way for me to trust you so that manipulation would be easy?
You told me you loved me You said I was pretty Honestly was it all out of pity?   I cried for you I would have died for you.  
So there was the garden, a place of allure and green Could feel the endless possibilities in the air On the branches, there, the red, luscious hung between That moment my heart stayed, refused to go anywhere
Is it true? Does good defeat bad? Does light over power dark? Most of all, does love conquer all? Bad can always win, shadows lurk at the edge of the light waiting to make its way in Love
,Because I am in love .My heart skips a beat ,It flutters and stops .all at the same time   ,Because I am in love
Money talks, so do first impressions I guess she wasn’t impressed by my words, cheapened by my nervousness   she thought I was one dimensional
Your silence. It's loud. It shouts at me. "Your presence is rejected." That's what it says. "Rejected by even me."   Your silence. It's a knife.
I look around to see the glass. It's shattered, Almost to dust. It's broken, Why must It be broken?   These Words of mine, I try to speak them, But they They are like
I didn’t know I was lying when I told you you were saving me. I thought you burned the thoughts I had that scared me into ashes.
They say if you love something let it go What they don't know is it's not that easy When I let you go I was bruised and broken I was left heavy breathing There was nothing to hold onto
Follow me down to the willow trees,where we can sing and dance along with the bees;With our youthful hands in the air, set your spirit free.
She was as beautiful as a red rose in the wind. When she twirled around and spinned. I would see her walking in the hall, too nervous to ask her to the ball. But, one day I manned up, I asked her too a movie and she said, "yup."
What are you waiting for? There's your target. Your arrow, I see it's glint in the fog. They're whispering. It's all set, you've chosen your direction. I'll wait.
A look of love and disgust on the same face, a heart thats been broke but never replaced, a mind thats gone crazy but never insane, as I pretend Im not to blame. A love never lost but burried so deep that when i see her I have to repeat.
I remember, when we met in August, almost September. I didn't expect much from the girl with a shy smile. I didn't think I would be worth your while.
I am me, But who am I? forever lost in love
You were my blessing. You were my love. You were my passionate, Desperate love. You held my hand. You held my heart. For I have given you, These two to hold.
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