Love Unappreciated

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 22:48 -- Kae.D

I remember, when we met in August, almost September.

I didn't expect much from the girl with a shy smile.

I didn't think I would be worth your while.

I texted you, you texted back, then we hugged and we kissed, enjoying the sound of when our lips would impact.

The warmth of your skin felt like a baptism from sin, but you changed when you would drink vodka and gin.

I asked you to stop, but you despised my concern and my soul came to dust like ashes in an urn.

You grew to hate my attention and turned to other men for affection.

My body could take it no more, your spite made my heart too sore.

I laid awake on starry nights wondering what I had done to deserve this; was it because i longed for your kiss or your smile that I would surely miss.

I'm sorry I didn't do better, I really wish I could, but when you chose the bottle over me I knew where we stood.

I still feel this pain, forever unalleviated. The heartbreak of my love unappreciated 

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