self care

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I am no longer going to let you get in my head and make me feel like there is something wrong with me, All because you can't see all of the potential that I have and all of the things that I can be.
I have never been one that was actually able to say that I love who I am, I would always allow people to treat me like crap, and I always pretended that I didn't give a damn.
Why does it always seem like it is one step forward and ten steps back? It makes me sit and wonder, what are the skills that I seem to lack? Deep down I know that this is what I want and that my life can be improved,
So I love y'all and y'all love me? I don't know, but I do believe, our worlds exist separately, together simultaneously. I'm not blind, but I cant see. What tf y'all want from me. Is it money, is it laughs, is it honesty.
Been lost for a while, I'm missing myself. Filed a missing person's report on myself. No posters, picture on milk cartons, or hashtags. No tee shirts, search parties, or evidence bags.
I wake up in a daze Feeling so off track Feeling like a mess Feeling like not trying today Feeling like just laying in bed all day 
Sometimes the best kind of love, Is loving one’s self. Perhaps, it is not arrogance, But a beauty in its own right.
You ae more important, then the names you get called I promise, you will someday understand that you are meant for amazing things. Things that are outside of that shell you
“forget your perfect offering just ring the bells that still can ring there is a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in” -Leonard Cohen  
    At some time in your life you will experience the type of love that will engrave its name on your skin similar to that of a tombstone engraved “ Rest In Peace”.
She showed me how to look on the bright side. She showed me how to change the tide. She showed me how to appreciate my fullness. She showed me how to adore the darkness.
A friend of mine asked me to write a poem about myself, and for the first time, I was left
You are a galaxy. A collection of beautiful fragments that shine.   You are a galaxy. The planets that orbit your mind are home to brilliance.  
Sweet soft rhymes rhythmic against ears so eager Eat every word with sweet salivating stealth Poems provoke pieces of me Hanging on the quatrain I quiver through questions of who I am
I'm tired of planting seeds I wanna see them fruiting trees But would you get down on your knees To make your ego small as a bumblebee? I need you to pollinate these ideas for me  
Rooms capture nothing Without wallpaper Coverless books Dangle bare Eroding the roots Of cotton-bound truths
sometimes i find i want to press myself in a book like a flower to flatten my spine so my shoulders can be higher   but if my body wasn’t fragile
What do we do when our loved ones need us? When do we decide to jump to their aid? Where do we go when they leave us in the dust? Why do we let them take advantage of us?  
Let your house be a home for you, and if it's not then make some room for the God in you Open up your doors to the Spirit of love, alive in you, He is alive in you, let His wisdom enlighten you
You have no idea how much planning went into you. The universe spoke to itself in whispers and gentle tones to make sure it wouldn't hurt your ears as it planned you.
Dear Kajsa,             Yes, you.  The girl hiding behind her Mask of the Day.  I’m talking to you.             It’s time to be done.             It’s time to be done hiding yourself from the people around you.
I know things have been tough I know moving in must suck The old tennant was awful at cleaning up after themself   The wiring is always off
Unclench your jaw— Let go And be at ease. The world is already so tough You don’t need to please.   Drop down your shoulders
The me of yesterday, is fading, She was callous, angry, sanctimonious. She was abiding of God and a sinner in one, She is no longer living, from dust to dust.  
I will not use the knife dug into my back from you to turn around and return your woes when I have better things to do. 
  If my body was a tree, I would have spend half my life trying to chop my very self down.
You spoke first, my heart skipping a beat. I replied, scared that I wouldn't be able to form the right words.   Our last words haunt me, so formal and that capable of being said between strangers.
A year ago I would drop pioson in every drink  I would lock myself in a tall tower I would  stab myself in the back I was shocked everytime it bled No one teaches you how to stop hurting yourself
There will always be traffic but stay in your lane, focus on YOUR destination,  i promise it will keep you sane. & youll grow from it to , making you "the better" you that you have always wished and hoped to come true.
The strong voice That proclaims That I won't give up Has withered Into a whisper That mumbles I want to live And people will talk People will point There will be laughs
Do you  Ever feel Like you're  Drowning Like the Sun Has stopped Shining Do you ever Feel the darkness Eat away at you All the while Everything
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