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Don't get too tired tonight Have some rest and turn off the light Think of me before you sleep on tight Remember, I love you always, with all my might. © KBM
Apollo has sent his horses to rest Artemis has come out to dance So close your eyes It’s time to sleep But don’t forget to Pray to the Gods to watch over you As you sleep in blissful peace
Tonight may you look upon a winter's scene Snow upon the spruce's green Crystals falling everywhere Dancing through the evening air Oil lamps line the streets A warm orange glow in the chilly breeze
Goodnight, goodnight to you. Have the moon weave you a blue wool blanket,
They taunt me at night I sleep with a light My fingers curl underneath And I tuck in my feet I shiver and quiver I can see the moon glow silver I hide my head And curl up in bed
How do you sleep with so much in your head like a train circulating a mountain, full speed it's hard for you to go to bed like a victim fighting to be freed my mind gives me no peace
you hear something tumble down the stairs.  only eight years old, your scared to death. under the covers, you pretend to be asleep. the door swings open and mom stammers in. 
I think. I cry. I cut. I die. But you don’t even care; That I’m not here anymore. You can tell me that I suck, But that won’t change the fact,
In the moments of doubt and uncertainty leapt off your tongue and spilled over into the thin air resulting in the warmest embraces and the wisest words exchanged allowing you to fall gently asleep in your darling fairy room lying your little head
Hush little Baby Mamas here hush little Baby theres nothing to fear
Hush my darling, Close your eyes The whole world is suddenly fading Once bright blue are blacked skies Where the stars are now parading.   Rest my love, And chase your dreams
And whilst you were sleeping, I sang by your ear, while our hearts beat as one, And I watched over you, As your head rested upon my arm.
It doesn't feel right when we fight over things that don't matter at all.  And my disbelief at the words that you breathed masks the tears that I'm holding inside.  When we go to sleep
Goodnight, sky.
it is strangling, sucking out my inner self till im nothing but a lifeless carcus  till my ashes drift away with the roaring wind and become one with the apmosphere.
Wrapping my girl in prayers of protection, Mumbling to the One with power over night; Power over angels, demons, us and our possessions; Lord, please let my girl sleep tight.
Let fall the deep, dark, dreamless sleep; With no tears shed, nor bodies bled; Be showered with the kisses of the night; Goodnight, my darling, goodnight.
Sending air hugs and kisses; Praying you sleep soundly; Loving you with all my heart; Sleep tight, my love; Goodnight.
Running my fingers through your hair; Soaking in the serenity of your sleep; Warding off the demons and their dreams; Blissful ignorance written on your lips; Praying you maintain this state of being,
Goodnight, sweet little sister; Sleep well and peacefully; Dream of joy, dream happily; I love you and watch over you; Goodnight, sweet little sister.
Making you smile is a blessing.. Having you in my life has been amazing.. Goodnight, sweet dreams..
I love your attitude and how you're never rude So many men in the world so you had to choose So I'm the lucky one on this special day That gets to be with a mothers beautiful bay bay
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