Everything is Awesome Scholar Slam

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What is it that inspires me? The answer lies in little things: Light shining through leaves on a tree The melody when a bird sings   Loud laughter of a friend I love A sweet summer breeze on my cheek
A baby boy, unnervingly small
Passing populous parties, I prefer some seclusion. A private place, a lot of space,  Obtrusive clamor is muted. Star shine’s bright no city light intrudes to dilute it. To conclude I’m reclusive
She pulls up to my drive At half past five I meet her gaze with puffy eyes And look back down at my thighs
you think he's the one, and you think your done, but you would've never thought. that there is an evil, behind those eyes, that he could hide. A lie, A sin, but I continued to fall in.
Everything is Awesome Can you find a silver lining in the middle of a disaster?
I had an awesome dream growing up But life had me tossed everywhere I dreamt of a white coat All I needed was a blessing But reality checked my thoughts I've came to realize life is a joke
  Being Truly Unique I am an Awesome person.
Burning balls of gas that water could only fuel Create matter for the universe Explosions that fuse instead of part Our everything came from here
What is awesome? What is amazing? What is stupendous, astonishing, or magnificent? The question poses quite a dilemma but the answer is quite simple. Everything. And Nothing.
When i was a kid life was awesome We play all day out side Basketball, baseball, kickball, football, soccer, tag, water guns, balloons, and slides, and every kind of race
It is  6 AM Light creeps through the taffeta curtains My eyes flutter as I try and preserve my slumber The age old question begins to haunt me Do I get up or do I sleep in and not leave my bed?
I miss you as if I have never felt that feeling before It reminds me of an ocean flat you walk over and peer through not knowing what is beneathe you if suddenly it will shatter and crash over me
Summer Fun, humid, hot Tanning, swimming, laughing Bonfires, beaches, sunglasses, water
Choices, Choices 
I woke up this morning, awesome, but my awesome did not stop there. As I took another breath, awesome was in the air. I took a look in my mirror, and I saw awesome there.
we woke to sunshine hitting our faces we live through memories we create with paintbrushes past down to us  from our great great grandparents who hand crafted them when they came to this country to build their own 
As I am getting older, there is one thing I have found. I've never been so grateful, to have you around.   Through all the tears and fights, you've always had my back.
Life. The longest thing we will ever have yet what we take for granted the most. I'm filled with happiness.
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