africa poetry

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I wake up each day holding on my desires Pushing away all forces holding me - though it tires Sweat flowing through my brows Standing tall - I'll not bow King I am though my kin have strayed  
Troubled still waters, redefined tomorrows Would the lord lay me down nest to the bubbling? Stony heart springs, tears making a fountain I got a dream; to sail oceans Tell my tales, tales of the black people
Dear Africa, don't you know how strong you are? For out of your belly has come many great names Nelson Mandela, Funmilayo Kuti, Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan but that's just a few
Her roots run so deep holes look down to glare.  Organic drums placed on her hips cause them to fear. But it attracts a friend called rhythm, who is smooth.
Uhuru kutoka Dhiki Kubwa,  Uhuru kutoka Dhiki Kubwa!  I was once in much pain, but now the pain is gone. My brother has died so I can sing this song!
   Hakukuwa na rom au ale katika ardhi ya Yoku. Wananchi wa mali badala walikusanyika na kunywa divai tamu katika mipaka ya vibanda vyao msongamano.
The hood is thy only institution that teaches a n**ga about the realism of life the truth vs a lie.
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