The Hood is thy teacher of life

The hood is thy only institution that teaches a n**ga about the realism of life the truth vs a lie. A real cage that traps man in and grows him to be a creature that hunts success with bear hands just to provide a good meal for his loved ones.
The hood is thy only school that teaches a boy to stay real to himself and those that have entrusted their lives on him. The hood gives a boy his right to protection while encouraging him to always have a knife in his pocket to be able fight and kill all trespasser and enemies that threatens to break or steal from him or his family turning him into a real man with the responsibility to protect and provide for himself and his loved ones while eating an apple with blood juice dripping from every slice.
The hood is thy only place that taught a young brother real pain caused mostly by relatives and friends those that knows your weakness the most have the full power to destroy you completely.
The hood is thy only place that starves a n**ga so much,enough to leave him power hungry with success and wealth craving on his neck,until the day he decides to quit on that poverty pill and forever stay on that grind till he makes it big.
For those that are not fortunate enough to
Have been born in the hood,than I really feel sorry for you. Voetsek! - PRINCE MORETSI,south africa

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