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Once there stood a wanderer Above a sea of fog; A silhouette on alpine perch Built of jumbled rock.   He watched the wispy vaspor spray, Like cresting waves, Caressing ships of stone,
I don't know who I am except: Borrowed atoms Bad timing And love   I don't know where I am except this moment With a smoke in my hand, My hair in the wind
Life is like a train,
The deepest crimson adorns A canvas skin, Wrapped securely in its hued dimension.
Who said autumn leaves fall to their death? I think they cover the ground with their beauty, Like colorful souls bestowing their love On the gray roads of rock below. Who said just because your heart is beating
Words long lay dormant And out of reach, Like shells washed up On a barren shore They gave the turbulen expanse A settled beauty, But the waves left Nothing free.  
I met you once on the side of the road you were walking in no particular direction You said your name was wanderer  and you were searching for an end   At night you slept looking at your compass
hatred seeps through the streets of the city anger at a wanderer who has done nothing but appear they hate his freedom and lack of care that they must remain bound to daily drugery
Sleepy eyes, a heart indifferent to life A heart that is a slave to the light What lie of the face will I face? A beguilement of assorted grace   I reach for the hollowness with pain
I'm a wanderer by nature, see My children agree with me In the city one day I'll be But the next I'm by the sea   My children agree with me That moving is what I need
Peace I thought I found on solid ground, yet in my heart I am not sound.  My name entails and tells a tale Of a sorrowful one, journey without fail.   Deidre - she spoke, upon my birth
Lana Del Rey on my stereo singingOf broken hearts, freedom, and tragedyStaring at the ceiling, cigarette in handNot quite sure of where to wander next
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