No Tittle


Sleepy eyes, a heart indifferent to life

A heart that is a slave to the light

What lie of the face will I face?

A beguilement of assorted grace


I reach for the hollowness with pain

Succumb to the darkness of the insane

Maybe this day I will have a chance

I’ll dance the waltz of the last romance


Sometimes I whisper among the empty air

Hoping it carries my love so fair

I am lost in the locks of soft smelling hair

The scent that still lingers in the pillows with care


 I feel a sage with ageless eyes

A lover became my own demise

A friend kissed away my tears

A friend was lost, the pages seared


The final breaths of realization

Swelling tears in isolation

Though now I see I cannot alleviate

I can only seem to appreciate


This one last night I cling on your arm

This one moment your kiss can warm

The one last breath that tickles my cheek

The final smile that lingers so sweet


I know you are there looking at my tears

You pain as I pain of love so far and near

You reach as I reach and touch but not feel

Though all the misery is all too real


Though this Christmas I have not lost my cheer

I know in my heart that you hold my love dear

Silently you hold my hand, waving tranquility

I’ll love again, my heart can mend, and you’ll be watching me.




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