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Her drive follows the rev of the wind  Her faith and love, the wave and tide of the sea. Planets teem to her company when ecstasy calls She knows the chronicle of his madness.
Days are booked for awe where deepest desires spoon and fork One hurts your peace sweet racing heart glacing moan of yearning The other hurts what you love from films of thrilling affairs
Her valves feed seeds of the sky to keep both hips  Once more great four around numbers of fierce giants 
Life has known several extraordinary things The soul has been the in paranormals  The mind has lost its sanity The aura helps the spirit to catch the fairies of mercy, grace and love
All paths we take were by sorrow begotten: A price we pay for forsaking God’s Garden.  Fortuna secretly against all men conspire. But resilience—is not too tough to acquire. 
One last entry before the night comes to an end, One more thought before the sheep comes- Slowly one by one, A puffy little cloud strutting aimlessly Above an unsurfaced ground. One last note to play-
Valor; great courage in the face of danger.  virtute magna temeritate in periculo   Vanity excessive pride.  vanitatem sine superbia  
Every moment i perch myself upon that plastic seat, i wait. Every time the sting of feelings prick my eyes, i wait. Every sound that occurs to my ears, i wait.
Virtue owns a fashion line. She has styles that are sinful and seductive. She makes it chic and timeless and appealing. Every piece of her couture line was made to bring out the desire and passion of every woman. Virtue doesn't play it safe.
Surfing these waves of allegation comes easy to those born from the greenish foam that lines an undulating ocean
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