United States
29° 29' 53.2212" N, 98° 31' 21.6156" W

Surfing these waves of allegation comes easy
to those born from the greenish foam
that lines an undulating ocean

while others catch light of escaping horizons
from dunes molded by hand
feet planted in damp, yawning sands
baking toes a sickly yellow

as watery expressions gradually lift to calves
trailing through the faults in skin
rippling over limbs like a mouth lifting to consume
each wave a tongue sampling diluted virtue

and the people talk far off, near the sun
voices traveling to the knobs of ankles near shore
to dampened ears where acrid words settle
allowing brackish waters to seep below clear eyes

fragments of personality latching onto vocal cords
mocking diverse characteristics
sculpting bones with sharp grains of salt.

I am a crystallized sculpture of society
tangible yet indefinable;
not yet surfaced.



Really nice use of imagery and simile. I'd like to see more of your pieces and get a better sense of your story and purpose.

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