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Roses are red Violets are Blue  I don't have a date tonight And I hope neither do you
Oh, your white gloves match perfectly with mine. And our same desirable big, round ears, To listen every melodious whine, As nature made us perfect among peers.
Hold me when I can't sit still. Understand me when no one else will. Stand with me in the valley & on the hill-top. Remember me when everyone else has forgot. Kiss me until I melt into your being.
Always by your side shall I stay
Stop playing games Don’t continue to wait Stop denying it Say you love me.   Stop using words Stop writing cards This is really not that hard Show me, you love me.  
The color red is everywhere
Abigail Smith: She died tonight, but it's no myth.   Her screams and blood have scarred her town,  Dark red assisted with a shrill sound.   The knife, the scars, the death is all to simple.
Why is it that we love the people we can’t have? 
Some say Valentines Day is just another day, But I would have to disagree. It's actually my favorite holiday; Better than a turkey, or some lit up tree.   Prepare for me at my best.
What more can I say But that I hate Valentine's Day And all the stupid clichés I mean, come on Get real Roses and flowers only lead to allergies Chocolate and strawberries lead to more calories
The best of morning time is seeing you, Your rich and big chocolate-covered eyes, And that sweet smile that tells nothing but true, That can soften the white clouds of the sky
Will you be my Valentine Allow our paths to intertwine And for our hands and lips to join for the very first time? On this one day This day of affection Would you kindly stay
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