Love Poem

Why is it that we love the people we can’t have? 

And hate the ones we can? 
Why is it that we continually aim “out of our league” 
and waste time in anguish 
when things go according to plans, just not our own? 
Why? Why do I like you?
 But, I have to accept the fact that you don’t like me. I’m the third wheel. The awkward one.
 Hopefully and hopelessly awaiting for my moment. With my prince charming. 
But why? Why does the one we want always happen to be the one we’re best without?
 The one we want, but don’t need. 
And the one we need, but don’t want. Acceptance. That’s the twistedness of it all.
 Accepting what you know in your heart to be true and accepting what is right in front of you. 
The world goes round. Just like my feelings for you. Acceptance of what I deserve. I guess that’s why. We hold on to a belief that one day, we will get what we deserve. 
That the right person, flaws and all, will love us just as much as we love them.
 Because in the end, it’s just wanting to be loved and sharing what love is. 
The beat of our hearts keeps us alive. 
The hope that we will find someone out there in the world that makes us feel better about ourselves. 
That’s why.


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