Valentine's Day Message to You


Some say Valentines Day is just another day,

But I would have to disagree.

It's actually my favorite holiday;

Better than a turkey, or some lit up tree.


Prepare for me at my best.

Why, a regular Romeo I shall be!

It's all about the love baby,

No need for all the candy.


Some guys may give you chocolates,

Or have flowers delivered to the door

Those things are nice,

But to me, you're worth way more


You want chocolate?

I'll give you all the love in the world, to start.

You want flowers?

Instead I'll give you something that'll last longer, my heart.


Some prefer eating somewhere fancy,

I would rather cook for you,

Yeah it may not be as great

But it is perfect for a dinner of two


Dress up nice?

Psh, that's nonsense.

You would look just as beautiful

In a T-shirt and sweats


So there you have it,

My message to you,

I hope it makes you smile

Because it's 100% true


I do have one question though

Even though you may not be technically mine,

But on this February 14th,

Will you be my Valentine?


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