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Love is a trap. Love gets a bad rap. But why not? You do what you don’t ought. Just like me, you’ll see. I met someone by accident. I quickly thought it was meant to be. That we were destined.
How did I get here? Why did I stay? I’m searching for sunshine, But my home is the rain. Home is the prison I don’t want to escape,
Here’s what really happens, You shut down, you go blank. One minute you’re here, the next one your mind is dragging itself around in circles like an old dog.
Why can't you just be happy? My brain is hardwired for sadness You look tired. Are you sleeping? Sometimes. It's hard to fall asleep Why is it so hard to fall asleep?
Can somebody call for help... Get me out of this cell... I don't belong this insane asylum... It just amazes me... That nobody cares.. That I am this insane asylum...
The Walls are Crying
This girl once had a purpose.She strived to be the best.She left it back behind her on the Golden Gate bridge. 
The Master comes out, manipulating, No longer will I charade in his play The years gone by with his mind controlling No longer will I be his puppet prey. Freedom wave in front of me, yet to stay.
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