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It continues beyond the hardships of one lonely soul. It reveals the truth behind a hidden, haunting ghoul. It charges the explosive passion within oneself. It ends the overbearing pain one once felt.
Where did it begin? Glances exchanged. Two lovers unaware of what God has arranged. Interests shared, along with stories of the past. Moments became years and the relationship was meant to last.
All these marks. All these thoughts. All these memories. Brings me even closer to the edge. Nothing is clear anymore. The second-guessing. The cloudy state of mind. The shaking consuming my body.
As I lay in my bed I wonder. Is he thinking about me? Maybe dreaming about me. Or is he on the phone with her? Thinking about her. Could he be dreaming about her? Questions I may never know the answers to. But I'm just a human being.
Who said autumn leaves fall to their death? I think they cover the ground with their beauty, Like colorful souls bestowing their love On the gray roads of rock below. Who said just because your heart is beating
The freedom from lies,
What keeps us from dying? What makes us afraid? Why do we persist even when pain invades? What makes the human condition such as it is?  That might be accounted for by the Id.
Oh, how hopeful is the statement what if. Looking into his eyes, thinking what if. Laughing together, believing in what if. Holding his hand someday – oh what if. Walking down the aisle above the clouds of what if.
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