Sestina What If


United States
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Oh, how hopeful is the statement what if.
Looking into his eyes, thinking what if.
Laughing together, believing in what if.
Holding his hand someday – oh what if.
Walking down the aisle above the clouds of what if.
Holding tight to the possibility in the truth of what if.

Oh, how cursed are the words what if!
Pacing back and forth at the thought of what if.
Tossing and turning with worry of what if.
Could it be? Is it true? What if
He never comes back. What if
The hurt and pain always last. What if.

Oh, how blessed is the notion of what if.
Holding his little hands and feet, hoping in what if.
His whole life is full with ranges of what if.
His little giggles and bubbles burst in what if.
My little man will grow up in a world of what if,
He, too, will desire the enlightenment of what if.

Oh, how devastating is the life of what if.
Sitting in the hospital, waiting on what if.
I sit and cry by her side. Why? What If?!
Can she make it? Can she survive? Oh What if!
My role model asleep on the bed of what if.
She dreams while I grip on what if.

Oh, how inspiring is the future of what if.
To dream and achieve what if,
To fight for what’s right, to fight for what if.
To go beyond boundaries and soar on what if.
Believe in your heart, your gut, your mind, and what if.
And inspire others with the teachings of what if.

Oh, how curious is what if.
To never know, to always hope that maybe what if…
It is not definite, that’s why it asks what if?
There are no guarantees in what if.
Troubles and joy will come from what if.
No one can truly understand but everyone trusts in what if.

Life rings with the question of what if.
Though it may be tough, it is there to guide you. What if,
Trust in it, and use it. Oh, how I live for what if.


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