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It is hot The window is open, but the breeze only brings in dust and dry heat We have asked for fans Because enough young girls have fainted
Don’t think too much About forbidden touch Or legal abuse of such Little creatures like dairy cows and fabric workers.   Don’t feel too much. The homeless man with his crutch
attention, affection, hugs so tight!  He's invincible-  brighter than the stars at night.   a doctor, an astronaut, Singer in a band, books in his mind are a future in his hand  
I already know this will cause controversy But I feel inclined to let you know That giving away our jobs to other nations
Poor Kids in Bangladesh   Poor kids in Bangladesh; sweat, tears, heat, fears. Poor kids in Bangladesh.  
Her lungs seek fervently to find a breath of stuffy air, Her heart looks in desperation for courage to hope, Her mind searches hopelessly to find the end.
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