I Aready Know


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I already know this will cause controversy

But I feel inclined to let you know

That giving away our jobs to other nations

Is like giving away billions that are not really yours

I already know you want cheap labor

Yes, I already know your truth

That the Americans want a higher wage

More like a living wage, that’s all

The other nation laborers do not even get a living wage

We might well all be poor

Was creating a division between the poor and rich in the US your intended result?

But the real truth is that unemployment has gone up

And millions of people have lost their job

There are tons of homeless people on the street

But you still make your billions, don’t you?

I already know there is no help from you I see

I had a dream of working for you

Now, that’s not even a reality

Yes, I’m talking about you, Big G, M, and A companies

Maybe you should take all that radiation with you

 Yes, you and I know that it would be cruel to take away people’s job again

I just want you to stop sending our jobs away

I already know we have skills, education, and strength

I think now is the time to start building here again

And don’t give an excuse saying you’ve learned from the past and will never do that again

Let us show you are strength

You already know, as Americans we stand



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