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the stars burn on my fingertips, a supernova at my hands, but the clouds shush my eager lips, and only the planets would understand.
I'm the Big Dog—VY Canis Majorisin the Big Dog constellationthat's why you still adore usHowling loudly—I'm a star!Among the biggest known to manDistinctly visible from afarso don't look for me at Cannes!
Vide la catastrofe e la chiamò bellaVide distruzione e la chiamò coscienza.   Hai visto una stella collassare Ordinati a numeri primi gli universi incrociati a perfezione,una sterile bellezza
Every time I close my eyes, A star explodes inside my mind. I see the ones I’ve lost, They’ve all left, At the highest cost. This exploding star,
You are an ocean of mystery: inexplainable, inexplicit, infinite I read somewhere that 95% of the ocean is unexplored
The newly forming star,   the planets, red and blue,   the black holes and white dwarfs,   Discover scientific breakthroughs.  
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