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You're not really sick! You just want attention! You just want to be treated differently! That's what they cry Their words becoming sticks and stones That break my soul, mind, and bones
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  No Room
Willingly time is not ending, Separated are the hallow gaps of evergreen trees, A thin line of mutual grace, at the face of an abandoned cliff. Stands the breath of a lone wolf, calling to the premature night sky, 
For powerFor lustFor selfForsakenForgotFor peaceFor loveFor othersForgivenFortuneForever
When you see light breaking through the trees; When you see hope among the distance leaves; When you see a smile that never fades; When you see stars in the darkest shades;
The algae, the moss, and the mud. While they could never understand the chemical reactions going on inside our heads, They remain ever accepting of our presence.
What do I stand for? I dont know anymore. I used to stand for family. but It fell before me. then I stood for hope. Yeah, that was a joke. Next came my parents happiness. That was my weakness.
The types of diversity include race, religion, gender, age, ethic group, cultural, nationality, sexual orientation, social class, geographic region, and physical challenges.  
Things are changing.  It's become hard to maintain,  the connections we once made  to the people we sent are previous years with. We will always remember the way that we felt.
Dear The Ones Who Keep Hurting Me See, what I don’t need you to sit there like you already know me Don’t look me up and down like that right there, that look you just gave me The shit I go through
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