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You don't have to tell me why you love me so. Darling, when you hold my hand, I know that your love is real. . I may never understand the way you feel, For I’ve never met a girl with love like yours before. .
Sweaty palms, winded breaths, I jolt awake, And unexpectedly you were there, without a moment to forsake. My eyelids were heavy as you sung smooth and lowly,
Pot Luck Papa My dad brings odd things to the table. The contents of which, are appropriate for fable. Succulent shrimp and other crustaceans delight. While odd concoctions bubble, giving children a fright.
Sincere, that's what people tell me. Because I'm honest, and I mean what I say.
I know you know my struggles; I know you my pain So there's no need explain why I'm emotionally drained   I'm feeling deranged; living in shame; Going insane, losing my brain
"I'm grateful that yous was unfaithful, cause i wouldn't have been able to keep my mental stable and live a fable  with a woman's who's "Slut-Soo-Easily" labeled 
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