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I try to put pieces of the puzzle together and make every single one fit, but I lose focus. And in returning to the puzzle, I receive more pieces  even more jumbled then the first set. I struggle and struggle to make them fit.
I'm breaking heart sitting here everyday thinking i should man up and tell you I'm breaking my own heart letting occupy my thoughts the better part of the day I'm breaking my heart
What You Stole   I see your hand prints I see their traces on my skin, Unwanted finger tips caressing my thigh
You are incredible. Much like prized jewels. Precious in all your ways. You are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be.
Your arms wrapped around me  Holding me tight in the cold winter storm As you looked into my eyes and told me everything would be alright  That loving myself is not an easy thing to do
never censor the dirty words. unleash the violet memories of your violent childhood: lilac frocks and pomegranite seeds and leftover boo-boos because sometimes  daddy couldn't see you
Mayhem on your mind. When you find peace, then we’ll be. Earn back what is yours.
Oh my dear,  Before you were born, two stars held hands, and said, "let's run away." They went to a shady diner on the planet Pluto to devise a plan, when they found a solar gun.
I love you because you are human. You make mistakes, You get frustrated But you are also passionate and loving You like mysteries and cartoons
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