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Speak your mind when your friends are watching  Speak you mind when the clock is tocking Speak out loud when your words are shaking Speak you mind when your heart is breaking Speak out loud whe your breath is taken
I Hear Voices            But There not Voices There Thoughts            My Thoughts Waiting To Be Spoken           Waiting to Be said All I need To say is a few Word
Drawing deep into my feelings, of peril, joy and hopelessness. Confusion increases each time I take a breathe and draw deeper into my wild thoughts.
Let me be kindling for your hate I can be the scapegoat for your insecurities Allow me to be your martyr in the eyes of your jurors
Dear John, I wish I got to talk to you before you hopped in the car that night Just to catch up, hear about your sights We always knew that you had the vision A nineteen year old soldier, on a high speed mission
Stop! Wait! Think before you check your phone Think before you reply to that text Think, think about what youre risking: Your life. Think, is this text worth putting my life in danger? NO!!the answer is no
It only takes one to turn a night of fun into a nightmare for everyone.   It was only a game. They thought they'd be lame unless they got five minutes of fame.  
Green light, yellow light, RED LIGHT.   Green light - proceed, Yellow light - caution, Red light - STOP.   Stop - green light, Caution - yellow light, Proceed - red light,
Icy roads. Car swerves. Screams. Silence.
first keep you hands on the wheel keep your eyes on the road dont drink and drive.. thats just the way things go go the proper speed limit before you go and crash dont talk on the phone before it could be your last
This, not too long ago was a big impact being free was too much responsibility still young, only saw the colorful things in life, didn't care about consequences didn't care about the costs
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