Take the Big Step

This, not too long ago was a big impact
being free was too much responsibility
still young, only saw the colorful things in life,
didn't care about consequences
didn't care about the costs
didn't care about the pain
still childish and immature.

Going behind the wheel was a big joke;
blacking out in a second, shoved down the street
hearing the faded sirens
the voice yelling out to wake up
waking up to an ambulance
to parents' face filled with disappointment
shame and sadness,
to cops writing a ticket
seeing blurry, but understanding word by word
a beginning of a new life
completely different, completely changed.

There's a time and place for everything
fooling around doesn't go behind the wheel
unexpected things can happen in a heartbeat
it's better to live with curiosity then
dying and knowing what caused it.
Be smart, take the big step, and know the consequences.

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