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Bemused in dreams of this heart. Where pain never lasts and tears are few and far apart. It remains a fucking cold world out there. Especially when your solo and the wind continue to blow, piercing you down to your soul.
My heart is very heavy, Like it weighed a thousand pounds. Like clouds turning dark and gray; And it terrifies the ground, And a large army abound.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Leave a message --- For the heart you have dialed, Is no longer in service.
Everytime I see you I can't explain, the fever boiling through my brain, my palms get sweaty and my heart starts racing,
Knock knock Who's there? Only death and despair Or is that what they want you to see? Why spend your days down when you can live with glee? Family and friends, that's all I need
Not the kind in the movies, the kind that is fanciful and fantastic. Not the lustful type that is only taken at face value, nor the kind that brings peace.
I must sever the linkbetween the memoryand myself.But still I feel weak. My clothes still reek.My characteristics meek.Still caught up inyour everlasting deceit. 
It's hard to move on, When I see you every day. You say you're over me, But I still catch you looking my way. You walk past me as if we never had anything, As if I'm a ghost. You won't even talk to me,
Oh what do I do  When you're feeling blue  What do I touch  When I love you so much  What do I feel  When my love for you is so real  What do I smell  When you're world goes to Hell 
I fell in love with my bestfriend what can I say thats just how it went started out as somthing fun and intimate nothing that I really could imagine with in the few weeks that I knew you
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