I Fell In Love With My Best Friend


I fell in love with my bestfriend

what can I say thats just how it went

started out as somthing fun and intimate

nothing that I really could imagine with

in the few weeks that I knew you

you went in, and out of my heart like a bluetooth

couldnt really imagine the possibilty to comprehend

theses feeling that I hold on to.


But nothing in life comes easy as said

beacuse I doubt that your heart could ever be read

despite that I may be someone close

its still hard for me to comprend

so leaving that as is


 I hope to one day

understand why you do the things you do

making me feel like dam. 

Well I feel in love with my best friend

a feeling  I doubt would be knowldge

with in your heart to understand

that I love you till the end

or maybe just maybe till my feeling end

that I no longer could say that

I'm in love with my best friend



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