reaching out

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There are so many things I find I'm forced to remember. Sloppy drawings of sleepy Buddha in the back of a rotting notebook. Cake crossing my eager ears, as I jam my hip beneath the stair-rail,
Rows upon rows of tennis shoes jumped and played around, sweet voices and laughter filled the air. Eyeballs were everywhere, observing, absorbing, deducing, condemning.
Watching you struggle hurts.
So callous is the mind of manWhen fear and rage take overGood intentions lostBlame set forthDown goes the ship of our discontentmentAway with our simple troublesWe forget we live
Fantasies are swirling In my head I must get out I must live them instead   Traveling is what I want to do- Traveling of the heart and feet To the mountains of the world And oceans blue
The cover of a book Is full of beauty to the eye.
When life brought me down I only knew one I could turn to
How lovely it is the world after midnight, The silence of the wind, the tallights of a stray car, Mindfulness in this somber time brings about peace,   A joy so rarely seen in the midst of daily chaos,
 The Solemn Sparrow On the eve of twilight's  yearning,
Little things Just the smallest things Waking up to a promised sunrise To breathe air that is granted freely Though without these things we would fall to demise
Texas summers are a witch's boiling pot Heat chews up, spits out, and leaves to rot Fun they are not Texas land is ugly and poor cursed soils grow plants to make you sore The place is a bore
I don't want to be listen too and ignored like the dirt pavement in the forest.I wish not to be called down because of my ever changing emotions as I struggle through life.
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