The Solemn Sparrow


 The Solemn Sparrow

On the eve of twilight's  yearning,

A sparrow perched on my soul

Niether his name nor origin were known to me,

Only his character to be seen.


For some time our partnership came and went,

As the annual summer winds.

And then those heavy hands flew by,

Eternal records of time.


And just as my sparrow's sence hurt,

Once again he came and perched.

 But something changed this second time,

His warmth and  scent so tempting.


But then to great surprise,

My self restraint began to wane.

A new feeling every dawn .

I now knew my heart had fallen,

For the sparrow with no name.


 I tried to care, less and less,

For those hated feelings everyday.

Yet a single sight of his outstretched wings,

Instantaneously drew me close.


If such a thing were not meant to be,

What explains these delightful events?

My life torn in two separate paths.


Which will never intesect.


I now wake everyday,

To see my solemn sparrow.

How I wish to read his heart,

And quench my dreaded doubts.



He comes and seeks me, everyday.

My days now times of joy.

And just as our lips are about to merge,

My parallel lines,

Touch, and meet. 





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