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Three friends. On a thursday. Getting lunch.  Another car.  We know them! Join us for lunch. Burritos... Leave at same time. Rev engine.  Race?  Yes.  Cars go fast. 
Loud and fast times with friends. Earned the name "The Usual Suspects" Fires burned bright inside and out. This year there are only physical scars and awesome stories to tell  
I will continue to write Until the day that I fall Fall into the ground Or let my thoughts overrun me. The day will eventually come When I can't get them out quick enough My mind runs out of space 
The crowd is cheering Up in the stands. But they don't know the feeling Of the wheel in my hands. The tires are spinning, The people are wincing, At the terror and thrill of the crash
Waiting for that one rival that I'm willing to chase down the mountain in an epic race We'll see whos the better driver Catch me face to face and I'll show you this mountains number one ace
Who needs this anyways! This anger this strife The cause of my pain And this is my life? The love I once had It’s dead and gone You drove me to mad Only flesh and bone
Flow of adrenaline through the veins and all under the control of the reins from the steering to the acceleration everything is limited only by your pride satisfaction with the pulse of a button or the stroke of a key
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you One Adrian Malobolgia He’s the son of the devil He lives here, in queens, on the roof of 14172 85th road
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