One Love

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 16:58 -- csowle


United States
39° 41' 1.6692" N, 119° 51' 30.1572" W

Who needs this anyways!
This anger this strife
The cause of my pain
And this is my life?

The love I once had
It’s dead and gone
You drove me to mad
Only flesh and bone

What once was my home
Now leaves me so lost
Forever I’m broken
If only I knew what you’d cost

Now here I am again
The smell in the air
A potent perfume
Stuck in everyone’s hair

From dusk, until dawn
The gates are open
In love again
Past problems unspoken

Filled with such passion
I can’t let you leave
Every day is a new adventure
The reason I breathe

One day we’re great
The other we’re bad
This relationship I have
With racing is rad

With great knowledge I know
Everything’s a factor
How well the day goes
Proves my mood there after


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