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A soft breeze flows seamlessly Through a forest the size of the world A tree feels the featherlight touch The generous moon places upon it
A Baby Cries,Demanding, Emphatic,Forming, Growing,Having Intelligence, Joy, Kindness, Love.Mounting Neuroses, Outrageous Propaganda,Quickly Remove Simple Truth,Unleashing Violence- Wanton, Xenophobic.
Global warming can not be reversed Because I refuse to believe that  Polluting the world will come to a halt
Electrical boxes blasting our eyes, Sending images of fear and conflict, Talking like a serpent, which is unwise, Illustrating a dove as a convict.   Every time, the deception keeps going,
Police… Hope for quiet… Someone calls in frightened… Hoping the law will save the day… Ten-four!   Mother… Sends son for milk… Halfway there silence breaks…
Black marker ink dries While moist dark brown skin shimmers Sweating the unjust
I pledge allegianceto the mediaof the United States of Americaand to the partyfor which it speaksan entire nationunder the influenceuninformedwith propaganda and deception for all.
Would you do it? Kill a friend? If you killed a child, Would it end? An elderly man Wheelchair bound, Would you knock him To the ground? What of a dog Battered and beaten?
Why should I respect you? When you feed me propaganda- I don’t react pleasantly.  Oh credit cards are the devil and fracking is great- REALLY?  
Born to be one of you Programed to act as you do Civilized by your instruction To bring on self destruction I have no rights I have no voice There is no freedom There is no choice
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