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I. maybe it was selfish to call this love. but is it greed when all we have is each other? II. i watched the world end when i was young;    where there was light before, now there is silence.
Stranded I sit,  Waiting for you. Alone I wait,  Thinking,  Knowing not what to do. I cannot move I cannot say. I cannot live I cannot stay.
The end of the world came in a great nuclear flame, And yet we remain Many thought we were to blame, We stand the wasteland’s Bane Between Poseidon and Eden we’re split Despite the power that does wane
Nonchalantly, I watch mother earth’s face erode as her acid tears stream down her face she silently wonders what ever happened to this place this earth we call our home is nothing but waste upon buildings of chrome
The moon came with a whisper. Not until it rose high above did he realize the reason he couldn't rightly see his feet was because it had become night time.
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